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Welcome to Oulu - the fast growing city vy the sea!

Oulu is, by far, the best city in Finland to visit. Here are a few reasons, why.

First of all it has the most beautiful sandy beach filled with life!

Second of all it is the city of wellness and wellbeing. The bests way to go anywhere is by a bike of an electric scooter. Equally recommended are the roller blades and skateboards. The city of Oulu has invested a lot to its infrastructure and therefore most people commute by using one of the ways to travel mentioned above. Also, as a city of University there are a lot of young people gathering around through entire world and most of them are sports enthusiasts. There are gyms everywhere- next to the beach, in the centre, group training, personal training - anything you might desire. It is also known as the city of dancing. There are a lot of dancing studios. People dance on the streets and on the beach.

Three. The city is filled with cultural events. There is always something happening either it's a song contest or a flee market, Air guitar world championship or just a singer singing her heart out on the street to make people passing by to smile!
It is a city with huge parks. The parks are for locals to unwind and for guests to enjoy the flower gardens, beautiful statues, coffee houses or just picnic on green grass with your friends and a bottle of good vine.

Architechture. Some of the best architects live in Oulu. Their ultimate goal it to build a new city and new concepts. To breathe new inventions to life and to make Oulu the best city to live in or visit while being in Finland.

Also the region invites everyone to enjoy and relax.

Near Oulu there is Kalajoki with its long sandy beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Liminka, a Natural Park known to many bird watchers. Rokua geological park with its wonders.

There are endless possibilities to relax and unwind or party till the next morning. You can enjoy the cultural events, visit theaters and museums, exhaust yourself with sports starting from kite surfing or dancing to wake boarding, kayak paddling… you name it and Oulu has it!

The restaurants and the Lappish cuisine is to die for! You simply cannot get enough of the international tastes as well as the local food made by some of the finest chefs in Europe!

Finland is also well known for its congress centers. Hotels are filled with conferences and smaller company events.

In Oulu you can just feel the city's heart beat. It is young and excited, relaxed and friendly.

Oulu is a place to visit and we offer you the best way to do it.

Anything is possible.
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The shopping center of Valkea is a great way to do it all in one go! Shopping, good food, coffee places - all under the same roof.
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The central street is a place for the locals to meet. It is a home for many restaurants and bars as well as shopping and events.
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The parks in the center are peaceful and still full of life.
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